Desalination in Dubai

Desalination in Dubai

In order to educate corporates on their drinking water, we have to take a step back and understand the background behind drinking water in Dubai. As people living in Dubai, we are inhabiting an area of the world that experiences a desert climate, roughly half of the year on average. That climate is characterised with high temperatures, thus making natural water a scarce resource. This is especially true to accommodate a growing population, year on year. This means that food and water are the simple requirements necessitated for life to remain and the supply has to increase two fold with population growth. 

The facts stand, that if you want any mineral water, you have to look to regions of the world that have this resource readily available and who are bottling the water for redistribution around the world. The closest mineral waters to Dubai are in Turkey, but are imported in to the region in Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles which we are trying to educate and move people towards alternatives that do not involve the use of single-use plastic bottles. 

The above solution is cost intensive and not the most ideal solution especially when using water for other areas of life, not only for drinking. Access to safe, and reliable sources of potable water are a priority today and the reason why desalination is of importance in the region. Basically desalination is removing salt from seawater and needs the use of energy to produce water. The method of creating potable water is done through a process called reverse osmosis and is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. The problem with reverse osmosis is that nearly all the minerals are taken out of the water and is typically referred to as dead water. The water is then remineralised before being piped to buildings across the Emirate. 

Problems begin to arise when the water is redistributed from the desalination plant to the buildings and eventually to the taps in our offices. Firstly, all holding tanks in Dubai should be cleaned every 6 months by law and these certificates can be requested from your buildings Facilities Management teams so that you know the tanks are regularly maintained. Secondly, water passing through poor quality pipes gets the brown water syndrome. From our experience, once the water is passed through our top quality filters, a large majority of the contaminants that would rise in the tanks and pipes are eliminated. Resulting in the water being more than safe for consumption.

However, we take it a step further and get an independent laboratory to take a sample of the water from the machine upon installation. The water is taken away and tested according to standards for un-bottled drinking water set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). After the test, we issue a certificate to our customers that the water they are offering to their clients and colleagues are of a high standard and more than safe for drinking.

As a result, we lease our machines which connect to the mains water supply, thus supplying your office with unlimited still and sparkling water as well as our expert customer service. You are already paying an outside company for your drinking water and you should be getting the absolute best quality. Do you know the exact process your water takes from source to your office or home? Not many people do, and that is why we exist as a company, so as to educate people on the exact journey your drinking water takes and show them sustainable ways that does not involve for example, delivery men entering your premises, harmful additives such as leeched chemicals being found in your water and water tasting stale. 

With our solutions, all these problems and more are eliminated from your organisation. Our main mission as a company is to help corporates transition to a plastic-free future, as we do whatever it takes to get you to this objective, even if that means not using our leased based machines and services. At the end of the day, drinking water in the UAE is coming from the same source of desalination, cause this is the only means available to sustain life living in an arid climate such as the UAE. So make the wise choice, if not for our planet, do it for your bottom line! We can help you become better, as 2019 is the year to say no to consuming any products from single-use plastics especially drinking water. Let’s become conscious together - Let's Sprudel!