2019 Goals

Happy New Year!

2019 will be very different for Sprudel. In our almost 5 years of existence we have tried (and failed) in different ways to engage new potential clients. We look back to the start of 2014 with a smile as we remember going into office blocks around town, pressing the highest floor of the elevator, and working our way down, floor-by-floor until we reached the bottom. We did this for quite some time and believe us, fire exit stairwells in summer is not fun!

After the 'foot soldiering' came back with mixed results we decided to go in a different direction..and so we tried our telephone skills out by calling around. It was certainly more comfortable than running down stairs of a 40+ floor office building but it simply didn't work for us...to get past the person on the other end of the phone was almost impossible and the people who needed to be in front of us seem to work 24 hours a day and a 2 minute phone call from some random company is not something most people entertain.

After a number of other methods were tested out we find ourselves in the year 2019. The year before the big 2020 and a year that seems to have the same financial worries for companies over here.

This is why we need to be out there in the world in a different way, to help our fellow companies and corporations in Dubai save money. It is now, more than ever, that this city needs our help. Which is why we will be upping our social media presence. We need to spread the word further than ever about plastic free offices and how our customers are saving thousands of Dirhams a month just by introducing a plastic free water solution.

So here's to a new year, full of new challenges but one that we will face head on and with more energy than any year before.

Yallah 2019....bring it on!