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The Attenborough effect

With the usual winter season rush out of the way, we finally have time to revisit our blogs. To be honest, the winter 2017/18 has been our busiest ever. We have become the trusted water partner of quite a few multi national companies in very different sectors.  A couple of years ago it would have taken a lot longer to turn these leads into companies coming on board, but the scene has changed in the past year (even in the past 6 months, with the Attenborough effect).  For those who haven't yet seen it, check out the BBC's Blue Planet 2 series.

Dubai has changed from a city that didn't realise it had a problem with plastic, to one that has started to think about solutions like ours (and others, who are also doing an amazing job) to reduce to dependency on single-use plastic bottles. Awesome! 

Over the past few months we have seen restaurants pledge to go straw-free which seems to be snowballing at the moment, to all our friends at Freedom Pizza, as well as Azraq and everyone i…