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Low sodium

Drive down Sheikh Zayed Road, open your daily local newspaper, scroll through social media ads or listen to the radio and you will almost certainly see or hear an advert for low sodium water or zero sodium water...or sodium less than 0.0000000000000000000001% (which is quite a small amount).

When we pitch our products to potential new customers about half the time we get asked about the sodium levels in Dubai. On average we see results of around 33mg/l (which will be going down as today we received a test with sodium levels of 22mg/l). For every litre of filtered water that our customers drink from our dispensers they consume approximately 1.65% of their World Health Organisation daily recommended amount.  Drink your recommended 3 litres a day from our machines as you consume about 5%.  

Not too bad is it?  

The strange thing about all of this marketing in that there isn't actually any medical evidence to support the adverts. In fact, a 2014 meta-analysis of more than two dozen relev…

What's in our water?

The most important question for us during the research phase of setting up Sprudel was a simple Yes/No question: Is tap water drinkable when filtered?

Before we became a company, we imported a test machine from Germany and hooked it up to the DEWA supply, connected a little 1 litre Carbon Dioxide tank, switched the machine on, waited for it to cool and pressed the button.  To avoid blowing our own trumpet, we won't admit it was a Eureka moment, but it did feel pretty cool to be the only people outside of Germany to be drinking sparkling water made from tap water. The water tasted fine, looked fine and had a nice mix of bubbles too.  

For some companies over here that would be enough. Ironically we have had sales people knock on our door to sell us water filtration systems for the home. When asked if they test the water, most of them say they don't and that if it tastes good it is good.

We, if you didn't already know, are different. There is no way we could sleep at night if w…