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Dangers of plastic bottles - BPA

We spend over $100 billion a year worldwide on plastic water bottles and it is expected to grow around 4 to 10% each year as we continue to use more and more plastic bottles in our everyday lives. We did some research before we started the company to get a feel for the market we wanted to try and change and almost everybody we asked used plastic bottles. They're very convenient. Pick a bottle up from your refrigerator or local supermarket, drink the contents and throw it away. End of story.  Some of us might throw these bottles into recycling - most won't.

The bottled water industry over here is a strange one. On one hand you have the well-known local brands who try to push sodium-free water (this is a subject for itself which will be covered very soon on this blog) and then you have the not-so-well-known companies to provide offices and villas with 5 gallon bottles for the water dispensers.

These 5 gallon bottles is what we are slightly concerned about and here's why. Plas…